Yumiko Tanaka Photography 

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                  Yumiko TANAKA

                Yumiko Tanaka was born and grew up in Nagasaki, Japan. She has been interested in art since her childhood. She graduated from
                Kumamoto Women’s University in 1991. She moved to Tokyo and worked as a system engineer at Toshiba Engineering Corporation. 
                Impressed by a friend’s pictures, she bought a single-lens reflex camera in 1998.

                In 1999 Yumiko moved to New York where she joined photography workshops of Yoshiharu Higa and Koichiro Kurita. She learned  
                technical photography skills there for three years.

                She came back to Japan in 2006. After finishing the 18th term of regular courses at TPO PHOTO SCHOOL, she started working at           
                Gallery TOSEI & TOSEI publishing Co.,Ltd in 2009. She also joined the workshop of Hitoshi Fugo, where she started shooting her
                series of photographic work, entitled “The Precious Daily Life in Japan”.