Yumiko Tanaka Photography 

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Photography Book    "The Precious Daily Life in Japan"

  Publisher                    TOSEI publishing Co.,Ltd
  Hardcover                  60pages
  Size                            238x207x12mm
  Price                           JPY2,800
  ISBN                          978-4-88773-130-1
  Release Date               20 April, 2012

  Author/Photographer    Yumiko Tanaka

  Designer                     Satsuki Ishiyama
  Translator                    Naoto Kawata
  Bookmaker                 Kunihiro Takahashi
  Printing/Binding           TOPPAN PRINTING Co.,Ltd


    This book is sold at bookstores in Japan and orders can also be placed through the Internet. (AmazonhontoKinokuniya Books Lpaka Books, 
    Maruzen and JunkdoSeven and ITsutaya, Rakuten Books). Also this book is available for purchase at photo-eye bookstore in Santa Fe, USA.